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Divi Text Tilt

Do you want to give a 3D-like effect to your texts? With Next Text Tilt Module, you can add a title and body text, and with your cursor hovering on it; you will get a 3D-like feel and the characters will bounce off the surface enunciating the content you will put here. With 9 unique ways of customizing the Tilt Effect!
Content → Text → Background Content
Add Heading and Body text and move on to adding a background color to your text for your Text Tilt design layout.
Design → Tilt Effect
Enable Glare to get a slightly lowered opacity effect, enable 3D effect to get the effect, enable the reverse tilt, adjust tilt Perspective, Max, and Speed, then you can adjust the Tilt Start X, Y, and Scale.
Design → Content Spacing → Content Border → Content Box Shadow
Adjust the spacing within the background color and your content, add rounded corners, border, and border style, and finally, add a box-shadow effect for the content.
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