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Divi Testimonial Slider

A nice way to add customer feedback or a team member expressing his/her experience working with your company.
Content → New Item
Add new items, alter the fields as relevant
Content → Rating
Adjust the rating as recorded
Content → Text
Add Name of the reviewer, Position Text, and the testimonial text in the Description text
Content → Image
Add the image in the Image toggle
Content → Carousel Settings
In the Carousel Settings you have the option to Loop, Autoplay, adjust the delay, Center Slide to highlight one of the slides that are in view, adjust the Speed, Space Between, put a number of Slides Per View to pick a specific number of slides you want to appear on your website.
Content → Navigation Settings
You can enable Grab Cursor, Arrow Navigation, Keyboard Navigation, Select a Type of Bullet, Enable/Disable Dynamic Bullet
Design → Name Text → Position Text → Description Text
Stylize the texts as you require for the Testimonial design layout.
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