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Divi Team Social Reveal

Add a team member’s image and reveal the social media sites as one hovers on the design. Great for showcasing social networking and self-promotion of team members.
Content → New Item → Social Network
As you add New Items, you will have the option to put the Social Media Link of the specific Team Member’s design layout.
Content → Image → Text → Button
Add Team Member’s Image. Fill in the Name and Position within the Text toggle and then finally, add the relevant link for the Button toggle or you can disable it if you wish to hide it.
Design → Image → Button
For Image, you have the option to have Rounded Corners, add Border, and select Border color/style. As for Button, position the button and pick a color for the button as well.
Design → Title Text → Position Text → Button Text
For these toggles you have every option you require to stylize your texts for each of them.
Design → Rating Settings
Align your rating element, select background-color, adjust background-color width, select star color, adjust the size of your rating element, add rounded corners, and add a border.
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