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Divi Next Blurb

A multiple content creation tool and a versatile design tool allowing users to create unique web content
Content → Text → Pre-Heading → Heading → Post-Heading → Description
Add relevant text to Pre-Heading, Heading, Post-Heading, and Description
Content → Image/Icon
Add either Icon and Image or both
Content → Background to Heading, Description, Image, and Icon
Add a background fill color and gradient
Design → Image
Edit the Image placement, rounded corners, add a border, and apply box-shadow
Design → Icon
Pick an icon color, adjust the icon size, rounded corners, add a border, and apply box-shadow
Design → Hover Effect → 2D Effect/Tilt Effect
Add the 2D Hover Effects and/or enable the Tilt Effect for your design element
Design → Title Text → Description Text → Button Text
Add relevant text to these toggles as required
Design → Spacing → Image/ Icon, Header, Body/Description
Organize your elements using the Spacing feature for these specific toggles
Design → Border → Body/Description, Pre-Heading, Heading, Post-Heading
Add separate borders for each of these features
Design → Box Shadow → Button, Body Box Shadow
Add separate box shadows for each toggle
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