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Divi Multi Heading

This is a three-titled heading module! Coming with 25+ Hover Effects!

Enjoy putting colorful reveal effects on each word of the three-title heading and add hover effects on the text by using our very own Divi Next’s Multi Heading Module!

Content → Heading
Add your three-titled text in this toggle
Content → Background One, Two, and Three
Add a background color to the three-tiled heading separately
Design → General
Here you have all the general stylizing tools for all three texts you’ve added to the design layout.
Design → Fonts
Edit the font for your three-titled heading, add text color, stylize your text, and adjust the alignment of the text element.
Design → Gradient Text Color
Blend two colors creating a gradient for each title text.
Design → Reveal Effect → Hover Effect
Reveal your text with a flash of color when loaded and select a hover effect that best suits your design layout
Design → Heading Spacing
Position each of your texts and organize them the way you want to.
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