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Divi Masonry

Organize images in all shapes and sizes! And create a stunning collage with Divi Masonry!

Content → Images

Add multiple images to form a collage and select the image order as you prefer it.

Content tab → Images → Media Library → Gallery Categories

Add an image from the media library and there you will find the option to type the gallery category for that particular image. This will help you achieve the filtered category feature.

Content tab → Caption

As you upload the images you will see on the right there are options to add Title and Caption text for the images as shown in the screenshot below:

You can choose to view them by enabling this:

Content tab → Filtering Bar

Within the Filtering Bar toggle, you can enable this to categorize the grids

Design tab → Grid

Adjust the Columns and space between the images with Gutter

Design tab → Image → Overlay

Stylize your images with all the features provided and add an overlay color when hovered on it will appear on top of the images.

Design tab → Filtering Text

Here edit and alter the type for Filtering Text with the Text styling options available

Design tab → Filtering Border

Add a border to the category tabs and stylize the edges with the design options available here

Design tab → Filtering Box Shadow

Here you can include box shadows to the category tabs.

Design tab → Caption Text

Edit the font and text styles for both Title and Caption texts using the stylizing text options provided for them.

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