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Divi Lottie

Lottie Icon lets you upload an animated icon to your Divi website. It’s like a blurb module where you can add an icon, title, description, and button. Each of these elements can easily be customized using the Divi Lottie module settings.
Content → Lottie Elements → Lottie Settings
Upload the Lottie file/ JSON file of the animation to add to your Lottie design layout. Add relevant text, and finally, in the Lottie settings toggle, you the options for Loop, Autoplay, Stop on Hover, and you either forward or reverse the Direction of the Lottie animation.
Design → Lottie
Adjust the width and align your Lottie design layout
Design → Title → Description → Button
Stylize the texts for each of the text related toggles
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