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Divi Flip Box

Add bright colors, images, and texts on both the front and back of your design which flips in different directions.

Content → Flip Elements → Back

Here you have exactly the same features as the Front but here you can add a button as well.

Content → Button

Add text and link to your button

Content → Front Background/Back Background/Button Background

Add background fill color, gradient, or image

Design Settings

The design settings allow you to customize all the module components to match your website’s brand and style.

Design → Flip Box Effect

Add a variation to you Flip Box design layout

Design → Image (Front/Back), Icon (Front/Back),

Add a background color, adjust the width of the element, and align the element.

Design → Title Text, Button Settings, and Body

Edit the font, text color, stylize your text, and adjust the alignment of the text element.

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