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Divi Circular Image Hover

‘Circular Image Hover’ module brings you some funky hover animations within a circle.
With this, you can grab the attention of your users no doubt. Make your posts look creative and artsy with 50+ hover effects. Design using our creative design tools for images using Divi Next’s new collection of Image Modules.
Content → Text → Image → Caption Background
Type Heading Text, select a Heading Tag, and put description text in Content. Add an image in the Image toggle, move on to add a Caption Background this helps your text have more focus.
Design → Hover Effects
From the 19 unique effects available to you pick the one that suits your design layout!
Design → Heading Text → Image Round Edge → Description Text
We have all the Text stylizing design tools for Heading and Description text, and the Image Round Edge allows you to add a shadow around your image adjust the positioning of the shadow to your liking.
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